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Dr. Rajeev has done extensive research in the field of homeopathy and evolves an unprecedented system to select one medicine for an individual patient, the medicine which has the power to cure all the disease that patient has or may have (Even in future).

Dr. Rajeev has used all concepts of his beloved and honorable GURUJI ( Teacher ) Late Dr. M. P. Jain and his great research experience and getting wonderful results from years while treating chronic or incurable diseases like Cancer, Breast Cancer, Live Cancer, Blood Cancer, Thyroid abnormalities, Asthma, Mental Disease Rhinitis, Allergies, Gyne Problems

Homeopathy balance biological error deficiency of minerals need not be always due to lack of insufficiency but due to some error in the biological process involved in various stages of digestion absorption assimilation transportation conversion actual utilization of those minerals contain and food particles will remove error and concern biological pathway using the potentised symbol in a selected on the basis of totality of symptoms and these errors are resolved hence deficiency will be spontaneously rectified by mineral supplied through nutrition. IBS, Wheat Allergy Celiac Disease Gluten Intolerance.

Offered Services



  • 22 Years Experience Overall (20 years as specialist) Homeopathy Research Hospital


  • BHMS, M.D. Hom. (Organon of Medicine)

    YUSH Homoeopath,Sexologist,Sexologist (Homeopathy)



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