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About “Dr. Balbir Singh (PhD)”

Dr Balbir Singh believes that sex arises in the mind and a good sexuality performer is one who knows how to perform with his mind.

He molds one’s mind to mend his behavioral defects. He trains the unlimited mind power for optimizing one’s sexual satisfaction.

He acquired super specialty in dealing with problems related to unconsummated marriage, psychogenic impotency, sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, vaginismus, orgasm concerns, low libido, nightfall worry, masturbation myths etc.

He also provides specialized services related to marital intimacy issues, infidelity cases, extra-marital affairs, pre-marriage counselling, couple counselling, relationship and sex coaching.

His additional services include support and rehabilitation in sexual abuse, child abuse, drugs abuse, alcoholism, smoking addiction, depression, anxiety attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) etc.

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  • 33 Years Experience Overall. Harmony Counselling Centre & Psycho-Sexual Clinic


  • PhD - Psychology, M.Phil - Psychology, MA - Psychology

    Therapist , Counselling Psychologist, sexologist



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