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About “Dr. Kanu Rajput”

Dr. Kanu Rajput – Revolutionising Male Sexual Health through Customised Ayurvedic Medicines

Dr. Kanu Rajput, the distinguished Medical Director and Senior Sexologist at the Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic, is leading the charge in transforming the treatment of male sexual health issues in India. With over a decade of rich experience and unique methodologies, he sets himself apart in delivering groundbreaking patient outcomes through his novel “Customised Medicines” approach.

Unprecedented Success with Customised Medicines

Through his deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles and rigorous study of modern-day sexual health concerns, Dr. Kanu Rajput has crafted a unique approach to treatment using customised medicines. The medicines he formulates are scientifically tailored to address the unique health conditions of each patient, offering personalised treatment plans that go beyond typical one-size-fits-all therapies. His tailored approach has facilitated outstanding success in treating various male sexual health disorders, ensuring a better quality of life for his patients.

### Diseases and Disorders Resolved by Dr. Kanu Rajput

Dr. Kanu Rajput has demonstrated exceptional results in curing a wide array of male sexual diseases that include:

* Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

* Premature Ejaculation (PE)

* Low Libido

* Male Infertility Issues

* Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) & Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

* Balanitis & Balanoposthitis

* Male Genital Candidiasis and Yeast Infections

### Proven Results and Patient Trust – Check Practo Reviews

The successful results of Dr. Kanu Rajput’s treatments can be seen in the numerous grateful reviews from the patients he has cured so far. To understand his profound impact on his patient’s life, look no further than their success stories and testimonials shared on Practo. We invite you to visit Dr. Kanu Rajput’s (Practo profile) to see these real-life narratives. The trust, admiration, and satisfaction expressed in these reviews underline his significant contribution to the field of men’s sexual health.

### Your Answer to Male Sexual Health Disorders

If you’re struggling with any sexual health issue, look no further than Dr. Kanu Rajput. His innovative treatments, profound understanding of Ayurveda, and commitment to providing patient-centric care, combine to make him the perfect doctor to help resolve your issues. With a compassionate approach, he ensures to help you restore not just your physical health, but also your confidence and inner wellbeing. Trust Dr. Kanu Rajput to embark on a journey towards overcoming your health challenges and reinvigorating your life.

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  • 10 Years Experience Overall. Sidri International Skin, Hair & Sexology Clinic


  • BAMS, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

    AYUSHAyurveda,Sexologist,Alternative Medicine,Sexologist (Ayurveda)



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