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About “Dr. Parag Gupta”

Dr. Parag Gupta is head of the department at one of the oldest and reputed hospitals of Delhi- St Stephens hospital. He is holding this post since last 10 years. He is also a visiting consultant at the various renowned hospital in West Delhi to name few Ayushman Hospital and. health services, St Stephenes Alternatively, he caters to the needs of the patient at his clinic in Janak Puri. He is a highly qualified medical professional having attained his super specialty degree from India’s most reputed institute (Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences). He is a dedicated medical professional having developed expertise for endourology, laparoscopic surgeries, stone and prostate diseases, neuro-oncology and andrology. He has 9 years of experience and has performed over 4000 panel with stone ranging from simple to complex staghorn. Besides being a dedicated surgeon he has authored most popular urology books i.e golden book of Urology, Urology essentials, and Urology maximum MCQ.

Offered Services



  • 25 Years Experience Overall. Healing Hands PG Gynaecology & Urology Center


  • MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Urology

    Urologist,Sexologist,Urological Surgeon



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