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Dr. Ravi Prakash is an internationally acclaimed psychiatrist and neurophysiologist. He received his basic training from the prestigious “Central Institute of psychiatry”, Ranchi where he received training in all the aspects of psychiatry and in neurological aspects of epilepsy, dementia and headache management. His research topic in the dissertation was the transcranial Doppler (brain) study in manic patients. Subsequently, he worked as a senior resident at the same institute and in the premier “Ranchi Institute of Neuropsychiatry and allied sciences”. During the course of senior residency and subsequent exposures, he had the opportunity to assess and treat over 50000 patients hailing from several countries. After receiving the Diploma in Psychological Medicine, he completed his MD in Medical Physiology where he studied the basic functioning of Brain and its delicate relation with psychology, also known as “Psychophysiology”. His MD thesis was conducted on the topic of predisposition towards Schizophrenia, a part of which was published a chapter in a reputed book of Psychophysiology. Having an additional degree in physiology gives him an additional experience in the functioning of Brain and therefore, the better understanding of complexities of human psychology.

He has given “Invited lectures” in several countries including U.S.A, Canada, China, Kenya, India, Malaysia on various topics of neurology and psychiatry. Dr Ravi is also a member of several international societies including the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Indian Psychiatry Society, Egyptian Neurology Society among several others.

He has been an advocate of using a balance of bio-psycho-sociological approaches for treating any condition.


  • 19 Years Experience Overall Veditha Mind Care Clinic

    19 Years Experience Overall


  • MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry), MD - Physiology "Central Institute of psychiatry", Ranchi

    Psychiatrist,Neuropsychiatrist,Addiction Psychiatrist,Psychotherapist,Geriatric Psychiatrist,Sexologist


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