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About “Dr. Sagar Verma”

Dr Sagar Verma has been serving the cause of mental illness and mental health for over six years now.

His experience as a mental health professional has ranged from not only managing people with severely debilitating Psychiatric illnesses along with their caregivers and friends, but also, advising those who were simply going through stress in any form or shape. India has a largely youthful population, and it is imperative that the youth of this country be in tune with their mental health, and seek help at the earliest.

He possesses a never ending zeal and dedication towards healing the problems related to brain and mind. He has often been described as a calm, dedicated, and warm clinician by patients, peers and superiors working with him. He is always available ans accessible to his patients and their needs of care and support. His ability to listen and communicate clearly and efficiently has been commendable ans praise worthy. He is always respectful to the needs of patients and family members including their emotional distress and confidentiality. Most importantly he is genuinely interested in the well being and best interest of the patients and family members.

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  • 7 Years Experience Overall. Manostithi Mind & Dental Care Clinic


  • MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)

    Psychiatrist,Neuropsychiatrist,Addiction Psychiatrist,Sexologist



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